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I am a Computer Science Engineer with master’s degree in Finance. Going by my academics, I worked in the Investment sector in the initial phase of my career and was doing pretty well. As a hobby enthusiast, I was also a designer. But then motherhood happened and it changed the course of my career.

I could no longer afford 10 hours working days and it was goading me constantly since I was desperate to get back to my work schedule. Desperation to get back to work was definitely there but at the same time I was adoring every moment of my motherhood. I could not stop myself appreciating this miraculous beauty of nature, my child and how he is evolving every second.

Gradually, even before I could fathom, educating and grooming my child, me and my husband as parents became my passion. I stepped up to step down at children’s level and started conducting workshops and making kits for our kin and friends. The kids enjoyed, loved and retained what we taught them and even before we could realize, Kidpillar (Curious Caterpillarss) was born. Soon enough, we started workshops purely based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) pedagogy, where we focus on project-based learnings.

At Kidpillar, it’s all about igniting and keeping the curiosity alive!

STEM Activities for kids4

Children, by nature, are extremely curious creatures. They are fascinated in the minutest of the things in existence under Sun. Everything, EVERYTHING is exciting for them, it could be water or the glass in which the water is there. It could be a small swaying leaf on a tree, clouds, sky, hair, eyes, your expressions, housefly, dust particle…what not. Kidpillar aims to exploit this innate curiosity of kids by educating them in the most fun and practical way, coming down to their level of understanding. In the current mad race of academic excellence, children loose their innate curiosity. Our blogs, journals and shop have common baseline of keeping this streak of curiosity intact, as we believe a curious mind is the seat of excellence.

We are extremely passionate about Child Psychology and Early Brain Development. It is our firm belief that a healthy calm mind is foremost and most significant. Since early years offer a unique opportunity to shape a child’s mind, we work on providing the best insights to parents to shape a healthy happy personality through our Blogs.

Our Journals are based on STEM philosophy which puts children at the center of the learning experience and help them think like a scientist. Each journal explores a real-world STEM topic through scientific enquiry, hands-on experiments and crafts. Thus, creating a well-rounded, holistic unforgettable learning experience. Aligned with CBSE and NGSS guidelines, these journals take learning to the next level by helping your children see the real-world application of what they learn.

STEM Activities for kids1
STEM Activities for kids

Our Shop is being built on the very same premise with the handpicked games to boost the divergent thinking in the children. Kids are amazing observers and that is the reason why they are extremely fast learners in their initial years. With the plethora of games and toys around, it becomes a task for parents to surf through the clutter and buy the right game for their child that could do justice according to the age and learning. Understanding that, Kidpillar is carefully crafting a clutter free shop, heedfully handpicking the games and toys that would make the experience of parents and kids all the more joyous and also add to the kid’s development.


A 4yr old understands and explains the same concept to others shows the simplicity and the depth of knowledge of the journal. The activities, the experiments, the text, give a clear and precise understanding of one concept. Thank you so much kidpillar team!

Chhaya Nebhnani

Absolutely Kid-friendly and parent friendly. Super educative and Fun-filled activities you could ever go around looking for kids.
All at one place! You rock KidPillar!

Bhawna Prajapati

The Kidpillar Journals are really too good and attractive! Kids will love them for sure.

Vineela Reddy

Love your Kits. They are really fun and easy for young children to understand. My daughters love them

Prerna, India

My son attended Curious Caterpillars’s workshops in Chandigarh. I was really apprehensive if he would stick around as he hated attending workshops and classes. And all that’s history now. Its been 2years now that he has been attending Curious Caterpillars’s workshops.

Suhas Gaur, India

The sessions are very engaging and fun. I love the way they simplify complex science and math concepts for children.

Shweta, India

Activities designed are well planned and age appropriate. Use of relatable examples and simple instructions help younger children grasp complex concepts easily. The techniques used truly motivate the students. Thank you for going an extra mile to make STEM sessions enjoyable for our students.

Anmol Arora, Piccolo – Early Learning Centre

The STEM workshops are awesome and are really hands-on. My son attends them every summers when we come to India.

Cecil, USA