What are e-Journals?

E-Journals are STEM based lessons that will help your child understand the concept behind the topic. Each journal is backed with literature linking the concept to the real world through hands-on experiments and crafts. It will help your child reason and draw real world connections for an everlasting learning experience.

Do we need to buy additional materials for experiments and crafts mentioned in the e-Journals?

No, all our experiments and crafts rely on commonly used materials that should be readily available at home. We have made a great effort to ensure Zero spend on experiments and crafts.

What age group does it belong to?

Our e-Journals are suited for kids aged between 3 to 8 years. These e-Journals are great source of information for parents, teachers and older kids too as they help dig down to the basic concepts.

What is NGSS and CBSE?

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are educational standards, formulated in United States of America, which aim to develop higher Science acumen in students. These standards act as guidelines and govern STEM curriculum across US. NGSSs underlying principle is to transform traditional teaching into hands-on, integrated approach where students apply the material to learn better and make connection across Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is Indian regulatory constituted by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It oversees academic policies with the aim to provide holistic innovative education to children to ensure coherent standard of education across institutions. Most schools in India follow the directives laid by CBSE and are affiliated with the board.

Do these Journals follows NGSS and CBSE Guidelines?

Most of the Journals adhere to CBSE and/or NGSS guidelines. However, few follow Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Are the e-Journals downloadable?

Yes! Once purchased, e-Journals would be available for download on your dashboard.

Do I need to register myself to buy e-Journals?

Yes! You will need to sign up to help us create your own dashboard where you would be able to access the products you have purchased. Dashboard will offer you a unique, personalized experience listing your purchases and giving you access to free additional resources and updates.

Is there any additional cost over and above the price mentioned?

GST of 18% is applicable over and above the prices mentioned for the journals, as mandated by the government. Please be noted that GST rates may vary over time as per the government policy and will be reflected accordingly at the time of billing.

Can the international users buy the journals?

Yes, international users can buy e-journals.

Can I ask for refund?

Incase of our digital product including, but not limited to, the Journals, once a product has been purchased by you, no right of cancellation or refund exists due to the electronic nature of the product. Any refunds shall be at our sole and absolute discretion. Also, under no circumstances whatsoever shall you initiate any chargebacks via your payment provider. Any payments made by you for any of our products are final and may not be charged back. We reserve the right to alter any of our prices from time to time.

Can I share it further?

No, the Journals and dashboard resources and other contents on the Website are Intellectual property of Curious Caterpillarss. All rights are reserved with Curious Caterpilarss only. Any sharing, distributing or selling of the content of this website would be an infringement of Copyrights. We request the visitors/ clients/ customers/ users to understand immense efforts that have been put to develop these journals. They have been nominally prized to ensure every child has access to the STEM based learning. We are extremely passionate about our work and have put our best effort to make your and your child’s experience amazing.

Any other information should I know?

We have tried to put all the queries along with the answers that might be of your concern. You can also refer to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for general information. For any other query, please contact us. We will be more than happy to address your concerns.