Diwali for Kids: The Stories Behind Special Diwali Days

02 Nov 2020
Diwali is the festival of joy, excitement and games with blissful radiance from everywhere. This prominent Hindu festival is celebrated...
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Fun Halloween Activities for Kids: History, Experiments, Books, Movies and More

22 Oct 2020
History behind Halloween Legend of Pumpkin Carving Halloween Fun Facts Halloween Activities for Kids DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids Halloween...
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14 Tech Games for Kids

11 Oct 2020
We live in a technology driven world. With technology guiding our lives nearly at every step, it only makes sense...
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32 Art, Craft and STEM Activities Kids Can Do with Toothpicks

17 Sep 2020
Your pantry offers plentiful things for regular play. Even the simplest of items in your pantry can be turned into super-item capable...
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51 Outdoor STEM Activities for Kids

17 Sep 2020
Outdoors have always fascinated children and indeed its great to be in open air in many ways too. Coupled with...
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The Complete Guide to Coding for Kids

08 Sep 2020
Let’s admit it, coding is the language of the future. The current industrial revolution has its roots in information technology,...
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Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with Kids

21 Aug 2020
CONTENTS: Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations Across Different States Crafts For Ganesh Chaturthi for Kids Ganesha Books for Children   Ganesh Chaturthi...
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Independence Day Activities, Books & Songs

14 Aug 2020
Independence day is the day to instill patriotism and a sense of pride in our children. You certainly do not...
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20 Baking Soda Experiments for Kids

12 Aug 2020
Children love experiments and indeed that’s just the prefect way to keep your little scientists busy while building their sense of wonder....
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The Giant List of Board Games for Kids

09 Aug 2020
If you wish to spend quality time with your children, have fun and make memories with them, board games are definitely...
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Best Krishna Stories for Children

07 Aug 2020
Lord Krishna is one of the most beloved characters from Indian Mythology. Owing to his mischievousness and tact, his stories...
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A Kiddo’s Guide to Measuring Weight

30 Jul 2020
Everyday life offers many opportunities to teach children about measurement. Measuring and comparing weights is something we do regularly in...
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Monster List of STEM Toys for Kids

24 Jul 2020
The way big nations across the world are laying focus on early STEM education clearly indicates the prominence and influence...
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Fun & Easy Catapult Target Game for Kids

17 Jul 2020
Target games are favorites with every kid. Be it the classical dartboard or bowling alley, target games delight each one of us and bring out our...
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Everything You Need To Know About Sharks

13 Jul 2020
14th July is celebrated as Shark Awareness Day – the day to look beyond the popular perception of these magnificent...
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How and When Do Animals Sleep?

07 Jul 2020
Nothing is as refreshing as a good night’s sleep. But have you ever wondered if animals really sleep? Do they too, like...
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How to Build a Science Lab at Home for Kids (5-9 Years)

07 Jul 2020
Kids are naturally curious. Questioning almost everything and anything they see, they are born scientists and explorers. It would almost be a perfect...
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24 Facts (And 24 Stories) About Rainbows

30 Jun 2020
Rainbows are exquisite and rare. These beautifully arched, colorful formations are a visual treat. And they are almost magical, hypnotizing...
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16 Watery Science Experiments Kids Can Do in the Monsoon

22 Jun 2020
Monsoon is a season of rains that everyone in the Indian subcontinent eagerly awaits. Monsoon is unique to our land and...
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What is Solstice? Facts & Activities for Kids

20 Jun 2020
Summer days are long and hot. With more sunlight hours, we observe the longest day of the year during this...
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How to Teach Problem Solving to Your Kids (5-8 Years)

14 Jun 2020
One of the significant characteristics of all successful people and leaders is that they all are problem solvers. They have this...
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How to Get Children Interested in Mathematics Early On

08 Jun 2020
Mathematics is the science of quantification and application of abstract concepts into tangible goals. Everywhere you look around, you can...
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What You Can Do to Raise Happy and Successful Kids

30 May 2020
Of late, I have been wondering how to raise a child well. With plethora of advice available, it gets quite...
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What is STEM Education and Why is it Important for Kids?

27 May 2020
In the current phase of technological revolution, innovations have become a part of every day life for humans. Every now...
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World Bee Day – Fun Facts, Activities & Books for Kids

19 May 2020
“The busy bee has no time for sorrow.” – William Blake May 20th is celebrated as World Bee Day to...
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Is Your Child a Little Engineer? (And What to Do About It)

15 May 2020
Ever wondered what’s so intriguing to your child while playing with blocks and seeing them fall over and over again,...
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How Does the Moon Get its Halo? Moon Science for Kids

04 May 2020
If you were out yesterday night just for a while or for a quick walk, perhaps you might have been lucky enough to...
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16 Spatial Reasoning Activities for Kids

29 Apr 2020
Spatial reasoning activities for kids help them in understanding shapes and making their mental notes. Like a simple drawing of...
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10 Best Plant Science Activities for Kids

20 Apr 2020
Plant Science Activities for Kids offer great STEM lessons for children across all age groups. Your child can learn a lot...
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Potato Chips Bag – STEM Science Activity for Kids

10 Apr 2020
Potato chip is undoubtedly the most popular snack across the World. Combing STEM science activity with Potato chips is probably the most delicious way...
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Balancing Butterfly – Fun Science Experiment for Kids

07 Apr 2020
Immense learning takes place when we shift from rote learning to hands-on learning. This shift in approach gives children leadership...
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Sound Activities for Kids to Experiment with Sound

31 Mar 2020
We may not realise it but our world is constantly buzzing with sounds. Sounds you enjoy, you call music. Those...
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Managing Children at Home during COVID-19

23 Mar 2020
I know it can get so overwhelming and tiring while managing children at home during COVID-19. Social distancing with kids,...
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7 Best Hygiene STEM Activities for Kids

19 Mar 2020
Children are notorious for their hygiene habits! They touch every nook and corner and then, put the same fingers in...
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STEM Movies for Kids – Entertain, Educate & Inspire

15 Mar 2020
We all love movies. From grandparents to kids, everyone enjoys them. And how lovely would it be to watch movies...
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11 Inspiring Women in STEM

08 Mar 2020
This woman’s day let us celebrate lesser known but, nonetheless, Inspiring women in STEM. They are lesser known not because...
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Rajasthan Inspired STEM Activities for Kids

25 Feb 2020
Recently we had an opportunity to travel to the beautiful state of Rajasthan. This surreal Indian state is famous for...
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Valentine Day STEM Activities for Kids

11 Feb 2020
Valentines Day is around the corner and with all that buzz and markets going crazy with Valentine decorations, it is...
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Child Innovators Who Changed the World

06 Feb 2020
“Kid, you will move mountains” Dr. Suess Such a profound statement! And these kids took this statement very seriously. Here...
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Inspiring STEM Books for Kids

28 Jan 2020
Books have the ability to transform and inspire, and more so for children. Young minds are impressionable and that is...
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20+ Best Science Activities for Kids

07 Oct 2019
Wondering how to keep your children busy without overspending on toys or organizing play dates? Worry not! Here is our...
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30 Tech-Free Toddler Games to Fire up your Kid’s Mind

07 Oct 2019
Toddler years is a period when kids learn fastest. At no other time ever in their life, they are going...
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Secondary & Dry Drowning – What Every Parent Must Know!

07 Oct 2019
Ever came across the term ‘Dry Drowning’ or ‘Secondary Drowning’? Well, I was blissfully ignorant till the time my child...
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Gross Motor Skills and Why do they Matter?

07 Oct 2019
Over the past few years, there have been numerous reports about urging parents to take their children outdoors. On an...
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Raising Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

07 Oct 2019
Last night as I tried to sleep, my thoughts drifted to how my current venture came into being. As a...
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Parenting Goals for Happier You and Happier Kids

07 Oct 2019
As I watch my child sleep, it daunts me how time flies. It was only yesterday when the nurse gently...
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STEM Magnet Activity For Kids

24 Jul 2019
Children are naturally drawn towards magnets. Their ability to attract and repel objects excite children much like magic. You can...
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200 Would You Rather… Questions for Kids

20 Jul 2019
“Would you rather…” questions are great conversation starters. You cannot go wrong with them when you want to peep inside...
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How to Handle Terrible Twos? Your Complete Survival Guide

18 Jul 2019
A lot has been said and done about terrible twos. In fact, Terrible twos has become synonymous with parenting nightmare....
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Coin STEM Structures — Explore Mass & Balance

28 Jun 2019
Hot summer afternoons are a challenge with kids. While you wish to catch a nap, children are in no mood...
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Pom-Pom Ball Shooter STEM Engineering Challenge

08 Jun 2019
Set Summer Fun rolling with our Pom-Pom Ball Shooter STEM Engineering Challenge. Make a Pom-Pom ball shooter with recycled materials and...
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Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

20 May 2019
In a generation plagued with screen time, Bedtime Stories for Kids have become a thing of the past. Children today...
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12 Safety Rules Every Child Must Know

18 May 2019
Parent’s first job is to offer a safe, secure environment to their children. Children continuously explore their environment and surrounding...
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Popcorn STEM Investigation for Kids

16 May 2019
Popcorn – the world’s favourite snack and certainly an all time favourite with kids. But have you ever wondered why...
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Bee’s Eyes – Design Compound Eyes STEM Challenge

06 May 2019
Ask your child to swat a Bee or a Fly? Just when they think they have caught them, it flies...
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What Every Parent Should Know About Child Abuse

01 May 2019
Contents: What is Child Abuse? Types of Child Abuse How to prevent to child abuse? Over the recent years there...
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Free Rebus Puzzles for Kids

27 Apr 2019
Rebus puzzles are a form of a creative brain-teasers, which give visual clues to a puzzle. To solve a rebus...
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7 Ways to Spark Lifelong Love for Math

15 Apr 2019
As a STEM educator, I meet lot of children who are brilliant but a very few who are keen on...
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Teach Your Child What to Do if They Are Lost

11 Apr 2019
Missing Child Statistics in our country are alarming. So much that they can freak any parent out. While the official...
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Holi Activities for Kids

19 Mar 2019
As you get ready to celebrate festival of Holi, why not engage your children in colourful, fun Holi  Activities for...
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Meaningful Family Valentine’s Day Activities for kids

14 Feb 2019
Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14thof February. It is the day of love and hence we can’t leave...
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Short Poems for Kids – The Literacy Advantage Your Child Needs!

25 Jan 2019
Literacy skills play an important role in child development. From the moment your child starts blabbering, they start building on...
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Positive Affirmations for Kids

12 Jan 2019
As I burned the midnight oil reading about how positive affirmations work and how almost all successful people use them,...
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Children and Technology: What You Need to Know

09 Jan 2019
So it all started yesterday when I went toy shopping for a 5year old. While I was interested in a...
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Best Toddler Toys: According to Age and Stage

06 Jan 2019
Toys are instruments of learning, sparking creativity and curiosity. They have been around, well, as long as human race! Whether...
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30 Best Tongue Twisters for Kids

21 Dec 2018
Tongue twisters are sequence of words, which are meant to confuse your brain and thus making them difficult to repeat...
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20 Screen Free, Zero Spend Brain Games for Kids

23 Nov 2018
With the earlier notion that we are born with fixed intellectual capabilities standing defeated, there has been renewed interest in...
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Best Structure Building STEM Ideas for Kids

22 Nov 2018
Children are innate builders. Give them some play dough and they will surprise you with their imagination. Building of this...
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Screaming Cup – STEM Project for Kids

20 Nov 2018
Get noisy with children and create a sound riot from an ordinary cup.A simple sound experiment that will take your...
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Best Preschool Activities for Early Years

19 Nov 2018
Early years, that is the first five years of life, present a critical learning window. It is because of the...
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10 Lessons My Child Taught Me This Diwali

30 Oct 2018
Diwali is one time of the year when every nook and corner of the house is cleaned, upholstery is changed...
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Teaching Kidness to Kids: Why It Matters and How to Nurture It

27 Sep 2018
Parents are entrusted with immense responsibility of raising well-adjusted children. Children, who grow up to be assets to the society...
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Community Helpers – Practical Life Activities for Kids

24 Sep 2018
Human beings are social animals. You and I, along with many others, live in a society. A community, where we...
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Best Moral Stories for Kids to Help Build Character

19 Sep 2018
One thing that has a paramount influence on all of us is Reading or what we read. Children, just like...
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Fun Riddles for Kids – Make Them Smarter & Brighter

16 Sep 2018
Riddles are a type of brain teasers that are often worded in form of a question. These questions include clues...
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50 Best Games to Play When Bored

12 Sep 2018
There are months that have just too many holidays and extended weekends. While they offer the necessary break form the...
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Seriously Silly Jokes for Kids

27 Aug 2018
Laughter is a universal language. In fact, humor has no language at all. A simple funny joke enacted with the...
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Best Collection of Panchatantra Stories for Kids

06 Aug 2018
Panchatantra Stories are what we all have grown up reading and listening to. I reckon as a child, they were...
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How to Restart Your Career Post Motherhood

20 Jul 2018
When I took break from my professional life for my baby, never did I think that this is the last...
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Music and Children: 8 Activities to Learn and Dance

20 Jul 2018
There has been a long-standing relationship between Music and Brain. Several studies suggest that music positively influences brain development in...
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10 Things Parents Should Never Say to Kids

19 Jul 2018
Parenting needs to be a vigilant process, as it involves plethora of emotions…some good and some not so good. And...
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What Parents can do to Raise Successful Kids

18 Jul 2018
Raising children is no easy task. Now add happy and successful in the equation. What you land up with is...
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Why Spatial Reasoning is Crucial in Early Education

17 Jul 2018
A few days back, at a Parent’s workshop, I devoted almost 20 minutes emphasizing on the significance of Spatial Reasoning in...
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12 Best Electronic-Free Games to Keep Kids Busy

16 Jul 2018
With technology dominating our lives from work to entertainment, I wonder if we can survive the old fashioned way (or...
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How to Do a Digital Detox and Tune in Back with Your Family

14 Jul 2018
It is funny how technology invented to bring our world closer has pushed our families apart. Welcome to the world...
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Children and Their Lies – Everything you need to Know and Do

12 Jul 2018
Children lie for a variety of reasons. As they grow, children realise how they can get around by telling few...
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9 Activities to Make Your Child’s Brain Sharper

09 Jul 2018
Children are like a sponge in their early years. In the first 2000 days of their lives, they learn more...
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How Children Benefit from Math Art

08 Jul 2018
Math and Art go a long way. Since the beginning, the two have been amalgamated to create the most beautiful...
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30 Ways to Be a More Fun, Playful Parent

07 Jul 2018
It is hard to be a Fun Parent. It was only yesterday when my son was cajoling me to get...
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10 Books to Read Together as a Family

05 Jul 2018
  Reading is a sublime family activity. Reading together fosters great bonding and love. Books open up a wonderful world...
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6 Best Podcasts for Young Children

30 Jun 2018
Keeping children off screens is a challenge. We do not follow a zero screen policy but as much as we...
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Nurturing Children for a Happy and Equitable Society

28 Jun 2018
We generally undermine the fact that when we are nurturing our kids, we are actually shaping our society, which our...
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Is your Child Preschool Ready?

25 Jun 2018
Preschool is an important transition in your child’s life. From the safe confines of your home your little one transcends...
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How Children Benefit from Simple Life

24 Jun 2018
Back when I was growing up, life was simpler. There was no rush to grow up. The life was simple...
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7 Cool Tips for Choosing the Right Toys

21 Jun 2018
Anyone who has been with children for long would know how important their toys are. Children adore their toys! Toys...
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How to Get Your Child to Do Household Chores

20 Jun 2018
We all the importance of chores and how children who contribute grow up into well-adjusted adults. But with many of...
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After School Meltdown: Why It Happens and How to Handle them

13 Jun 2018
So this is how my son comes home: He smiles as I greet him and by the time we are...
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How to Be a Happy Mommy

09 Jun 2018
Happiness is a strange thing. The more you chase it, more it eludes you. More than anything, it is an...
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When Your Only Child Wants A Sibling

08 Jun 2018
So my son popped me this question when a relative had a baby “Mom, I also want a baby!” Initially...
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10 Children’s Books That Challenge Gender Norms

08 Jun 2018
As I was growing up, I often found myself challenging gender norms. From refusing to help in the kitchen (because...
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10 Minute Number Games for Children

06 Jun 2018
Math is such a wonderful subject yet most of us grow up fearing and eventually hating Math. What is it...
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10 Fun Ways to Stop Summer Learning Loss

04 Jun 2018
Summer Breaks are most awaited time of the year. With most children, summer spells as ‘FUN’. While this much needed...
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14 ways to Stress-Free Summer Break

01 Jun 2018
Summer break is here! That’s what the children have been waiting for. But for moms the story is quite different!...
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8 Ways to Calm an Angry Child

25 May 2018
Little children often have BIG feelings. And that’s when they get overwhelmed and we adults take it for misbehaviour and...
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How to Give Your Kids Skills They Need for the Future

21 May 2018
As I browse through the newspaper, my heart sinks at the prospect of what the future holds for our children....
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What Happens When Parents Fight in Front of Children

18 May 2018
Parents are the centre of the universe for a child. It is around them a child’s live revolves. So what...
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Raising Confident Kids Without Over Praise

14 May 2018
Confidence and high self-worth are the greatest gifts any parents can give their children. And yet, there are few children...
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Summer Break Schedule for Kids

14 May 2018
It’s the time of the year when kids are awaiting their break. With some of them, like us, the break...
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Mother’s Day – Life Comes Full Circle

13 May 2018
As I set to celebrate Mother’s Day, I was overwhelmed with immense gratitude I have for my mother. All these...
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6 Early Reader Books for (Wannabe) Smart Kids

09 May 2018
Learning to Read is a BIG milestone. It is a wonderful sight to watch your child graduate from picture books...
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Outdoor Brain Games For Children

09 May 2018
We all want our children to be smart. That said, not all children are same. Some like to sit, listen...
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8 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary

07 May 2018
There is no denying the fact that early literacy is one of the best predictors of future academic success. And...
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10 things I would not do for my Child

06 May 2018
When I became a mother, I had this most overwhelming instinct to protect my child. I had never felt something...
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How Mommy Groups Helped Me Survive

06 May 2018
  Motherhood is a lonely business. People say “It takes a village to raise a child ”, I would rather...
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4 Reasons Why Children Flourish with Gentle Parenting

03 May 2018
While we were growing up, our relationship with our parents was that of an adult and a child. The adult...
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Positive Parenting for a Child Who Hits Others

02 May 2018
I clearly remember the first time my child really hit me. And when I tried to control him, I not...
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Loose Parts Inspired Math Play for Kindergarten

29 Apr 2018
I am a great fan of Mathematics and truly believe it is one of the subjects that is most relevant...
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Second Child Dilemma – To have or Not to have

28 Apr 2018
  Every time I see a 2year old something, I feel like grabbing her . Off late, that’s been the...
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10 Games That Help Kids Think Critically

27 Apr 2018
Critical thinking is a tool which helps us think beyond the obvious. Critical thinking enables us ‘how’ to think and make...
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10 Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Kids

25 Apr 2018
Of late media has been abuzz with the news of how fine motor skills have drastically declined in children. Occupational...
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Exploring Onions – A Kitchen Science STEM Activity

23 Apr 2018
Children today greatly lack life skills. So much that there are workshops to teach the basics of life and how...
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Keeping Girls Safe: Raising Our Girls to Be Kali in Modern India

22 Apr 2018
Perhaps India is the only country with women goddesses. And that’s exactly what makes it bewildering! But you see, while...
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8 Weekend Videos That Teach Kids Valuable Life Lessons

21 Apr 2018
Let’s admit all children love watching television. While we try to maintain a zero screen time policy with screen-free brain...
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6 Earth Day Activities That Make A Difference

20 Apr 2018
Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April, since 1970, to express our gratification and affection for our wonderful planet. Our...
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Let Kids Say ‘No Plastic’ with This T-Shirt Bag

20 Apr 2018
Off late, we have been really mindful about our impact on the environment. With the rising pollution levels, our duty...
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Gender and Body Awareness: What Your Child Needs to Know

17 Apr 2018
Yesterday, I got a call from a mother who wanted to discuss how to introduce gender and body awareness to...
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