Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14thof February. It is the day of love and hence we can’t leave our children behind. There are so many cool, creative Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids to learn and celebrate this day of love.

Valentine's day activities for kids

But before you engage in Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids, let us delve into the history behind this day. Saint Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome.

According to the legend, Emperor Claudius II, the ruler at that time, felt that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families.

So, he prohibited young men from marrying. However Saint Valentine saw this as an injustice and performed marriages for young lovers in secret, against the will of the emperor. On being discovered, Claudius ordered St. Valentine to be executed.

Valentine’s day is about love and not necessarily love between a man and a woman. St. Valentine stood for love and justice. So when your children ask about this day, say it is the day to celebrate people who love you and thank them for making your life beautiful.

Valentine's day activities for kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

1. Gratitude Notes: Since we are talking about appreciating people who love us, help your child write small notes of thanks and gratitude to their loved ones on this valentine day. This Valentine’s day activity for kids will help your children count our blessings and appreciate relationships.

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2.Matching Hearts: Another Valentine’s day activity for kids that will help them sharpen their observation and reasoning skills. Print the Matching Hearts Puzzle below and let your child match up the hearts.

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3. Valentine Scavenger Hunt: Make small paper hearts in different colors and hide them around the house. Set the timer for 20 minutes and let your child find as many hearts as they can. Simple Valentine’s day activity for kids which is great for enhancing their observation skills.

4.Color me Bookmarks: Print these awesome bookmarks and let your child color them. These bookmarks make excellent Valentine gifts for teachers and family members who read to your child.

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Bookmarks are purposeful gifts. When children make such gifts, they are motivated to read themselves as well. Use these bookmarks for your child’s storybooks. They will spark joy and add fun to their reading routine.

5. Valentine Tree: This is a much loved Valentine’s Day activity for kids. This simple, thoughtful and heart-warming activity requires:

Valentine's day activities for kids

  • A fallen stem
  • Family pictures
  • An empty cup
  • Soil
  • Scissors and

Step 1: Spread your family photos in front of your children and ask them to pick their valentines. Let them choose family members they love most. You may add their friends as well.

Step 2: Next, cut out the faces of these family members and stick them on different branches of the stem.

Step 3: Finally, using soil stick your-very-own Valentine tree in the empty cup.

Place your Valentine Tree on your child’s table as a reminder of their blessings.

6. Valentine Memory Game: Print double copies of your family members on a cardstock and cut them in the same size to make picture cards. Keep these picture cards face down to play Valentine Memory game.

Valentine's day activities for kids

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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