Why Does Wind Blow And Everything Else About Wind

27 Dec 2020
Wind has been amongst the best companions of our mother planet – Earth. It is one weather phenomenon that can...
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40 Winter STEM Activities and 30 Winter Books for Kids

27 Dec 2020
Winter is our favourite season of the year. Where we live, it starts to get a little chilly mid-November onwards and...
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What is Solstice? Facts, Activities & Books for Kids

10 Dec 2020
Summer days are long and hot. With more sunlight hours, we observe the longest day of the year during this...
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14 Tech Games for Kids

11 Oct 2020
We live in a technology driven world. With technology guiding our lives nearly at every step, it only makes sense...
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32 Art, Craft and STEM Activities Kids Can Do with Toothpicks

17 Sep 2020
Your pantry offers plentiful things for regular play. Even the simplest of items in your pantry can be turned into super-item capable...
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51 Outdoor STEM Activities for Kids

17 Sep 2020
Outdoors have always fascinated children and indeed its great to be in open air in many ways too. Coupled with...
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The Complete Guide to Coding for Kids

08 Sep 2020
Let’s admit it, coding is the language of the future. The current industrial revolution has its roots in information technology,...
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20 Baking Soda Experiments for Kids

12 Aug 2020
Children love experiments and indeed that’s just the prefect way to keep your little scientists busy while building their sense of wonder....
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A Kiddo’s Guide to Measuring Weight

30 Jul 2020
Everyday life offers many opportunities to teach children about measurement. Measuring and comparing weights is something we do regularly in...
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Monster List of STEM Toys for Kids

24 Jul 2020
The way big nations across the world are laying focus on early STEM education clearly indicates the prominence and influence...
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Fun & Easy Catapult Target Game for Kids

17 Jul 2020
Target games are favorites with every kid. Be it the classical dartboard or bowling alley, target games delight each one of us and bring out our...
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How and When Do Animals Sleep?

07 Jul 2020
Nothing is as refreshing as a good night’s sleep. But have you ever wondered if animals really sleep? Do they too, like...
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How to Build a Science Lab at Home for Kids (5-9 Years)

07 Jul 2020
Kids are naturally curious. Questioning almost everything and anything they see, they are born scientists and explorers. It would almost be a perfect...
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24 Facts (And 24 Stories) About Rainbows

30 Jun 2020
Rainbows are exquisite and rare. These beautifully arched, colorful formations are a visual treat. And they are almost magical, hypnotizing...
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16 Watery Science Experiments Kids Can Do in the Monsoon

22 Jun 2020
Monsoon is a season of rains that everyone in the Indian subcontinent eagerly awaits. Monsoon is unique to our land and...
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How to Teach Problem Solving to Your Kids (5-8 Years)

14 Jun 2020
One of the significant characteristics of all successful people and leaders is that they all are problem solvers. They have this...
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How to Get Children Interested in Mathematics Early On

08 Jun 2020
Mathematics is the science of quantification and application of abstract concepts into tangible goals. Everywhere you look around, you can...
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What is STEM Education and Why is it Important for Kids?

27 May 2020
In the current phase of technological revolution, innovations have become a part of every day life for humans. Every now...
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World Bee Day – Fun Facts, Activities & Books for Kids

19 May 2020
“The busy bee has no time for sorrow.” – William Blake May 20th is celebrated as World Bee Day to...
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Is Your Child a Little Engineer? (And What to Do About It)

15 May 2020
Ever wondered what’s so intriguing to your child while playing with blocks and seeing them fall over and over again,...
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How Does the Moon Get its Halo? Moon Science for Kids

04 May 2020
If you were out yesterday night just for a while or for a quick walk, perhaps you might have been lucky enough to...
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16 Spatial Reasoning Activities for Kids

29 Apr 2020
Spatial reasoning activities for kids help them in understanding shapes and making their mental notes. Like a simple drawing of...
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10 Best Plant Science Activities for Kids

20 Apr 2020
Plant Science Activities for Kids offer great STEM lessons for children across all age groups. Your child can learn a lot...
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Potato Chips Bag – STEM Science Activity for Kids

10 Apr 2020
Potato chip is undoubtedly the most popular snack across the World. Combing STEM science activity with Potato chips is probably the most delicious way...
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Balancing Butterfly – Fun Science Experiment for Kids

07 Apr 2020
Immense learning takes place when we shift from rote learning to hands-on learning. This shift in approach gives children leadership...
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Sound Activities for Kids to Experiment with Sound

31 Mar 2020
We may not realise it but our world is constantly buzzing with sounds. Sounds you enjoy, you call music. Those...
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7 Best Hygiene STEM Activities for Kids

19 Mar 2020
Children are notorious for their hygiene habits! They touch every nook and corner and then, put the same fingers in...
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STEM Movies for Kids – Entertain, Educate & Inspire

15 Mar 2020
We all love movies. From grandparents to kids, everyone enjoys them. And how lovely would it be to watch movies...
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11 Inspiring Women in STEM

08 Mar 2020
This woman’s day let us celebrate lesser known but, nonetheless, Inspiring women in STEM. They are lesser known not because...
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Rajasthan Inspired STEM Activities for Kids

25 Feb 2020
Recently we had an opportunity to travel to the beautiful state of Rajasthan. This surreal Indian state is famous for...
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Valentine Day STEM Activities for Kids

11 Feb 2020
Valentines Day is around the corner and with all that buzz and markets going crazy with Valentine decorations, it is...
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Child Innovators Who Changed the World

06 Feb 2020
“Kid, you will move mountains” Dr. Suess Such a profound statement! And these kids took this statement very seriously. Here...
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Inspiring STEM Books for Kids

28 Jan 2020
Books have the ability to transform and inspire, and more so for children. Young minds are impressionable and that is...
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STEM Magnet Activity For Kids

24 Jul 2019
Children are naturally drawn towards magnets. Their ability to attract and repel objects excite children much like magic. You can...
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Coin STEM Structures — Explore Mass & Balance

28 Jun 2019
Hot summer afternoons are a challenge with kids. While you wish to catch a nap, children are in no mood...
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Pom-Pom Ball Shooter STEM Engineering Challenge

08 Jun 2019
Set Summer Fun rolling with our Pom-Pom Ball Shooter STEM Engineering Challenge. Make a Pom-Pom ball shooter with recycled materials and...
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Popcorn STEM Investigation for Kids

16 May 2019
Popcorn – the world’s favourite snack and certainly an all time favourite with kids. But have you ever wondered why...
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Bee’s Eyes – Design Compound Eyes STEM Challenge

06 May 2019
Ask your child to swat a Bee or a Fly? Just when they think they have caught them, it flies...
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Holi Activities for Kids

19 Mar 2019
As you get ready to celebrate festival of Holi, why not engage your children in colourful, fun Holi  Activities for...
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30 Best Tongue Twisters for Kids

21 Dec 2018
Tongue twisters are sequence of words, which are meant to confuse your brain and thus making them difficult to repeat...
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Best Structure Building STEM Ideas for Kids

22 Nov 2018
Children are innate builders. Give them some play dough and they will surprise you with their imagination. Building of this...
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Screaming Cup – STEM Project for Kids

20 Nov 2018
Get noisy with children and create a sound riot from an ordinary cup.A simple sound experiment that will take your...
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Music and Children: 8 Activities to Learn and Dance

20 Jul 2018
There has been a long-standing relationship between Music and Brain. Several studies suggest that music positively influences brain development in...
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Why Spatial Reasoning is Crucial in Early Education

17 Jul 2018
A few days back, at a Parent’s workshop, I devoted almost 20 minutes emphasizing on the significance of Spatial Reasoning in...
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How Children Benefit from Math Art

08 Jul 2018
Math and Art go a long way. Since the beginning, the two have been amalgamated to create the most beautiful...
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Loose Parts Inspired Math Play for Kindergarten

29 Apr 2018
I am a great fan of Mathematics and truly believe it is one of the subjects that is most relevant...
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Exploring Onions – A Kitchen Science STEM Activity

23 Apr 2018
Children today greatly lack life skills. So much that there are workshops to teach the basics of life and how...
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6 Earth Day Activities That Make A Difference

20 Apr 2018
Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April, since 1970, to express our gratification and affection for our wonderful planet. Our...
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