Valentine Day STEM Activities for Kids

11 Feb 2020
Valentines Day is around the corner and with all that buzz and markets going crazy with Valentine decorations, it is...
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Child Innovators who Changed the World

06 Feb 2020
“Kid, you will move mountains” Dr. Suess Such a profound statement! And these kids took this statement very seriously. Here...
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Inspiring STEM Books for Kids

28 Jan 2020
Books have the ability to transform and inspire, and more so for children. Young minds are impressionable and that is...
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STEM Magnet activity for kids

24 Jul 2019
Children are naturally drawn towards magnets. Their ability to attract and repel objects excite children much like magic. You can...
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Coin STEM Structures – Explore Mass & Balance

28 Jun 2019
Hot summer afternoons are a challenge with kids. While you wish to catch a nap, children are in no mood...
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Pom-Pom Shooter STEM Engineering Challenge

08 Jun 2019
Set Summer Fun rolling with our STEM Engineering Challenge. Make a Pom-Pom shooter with recycled materials and set up the challenge...
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Popcorn STEM Investigation for Kids

16 May 2019
Popcorn – the world’s favourite snack and certainly an all time favourite with kids. But have you ever wondered why...
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Bee’s Eyes – Design Compound Eyes STEM Challenge

06 May 2019
Ask your child to swat a Bee or a Fly? Just when they think they have caught them, it flies...
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Best Structure Building STEM Ideas for Kids

22 Nov 2018
Children are innate builders. Give them some play dough and they will surprise you with their imagination. Building of this...
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Screaming Cup – STEM Project for Kids

20 Nov 2018
Get noisy with children and create a sound riot from an ordinary cup.A simple sound experiment that will take your...
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Music and Children: 8 Activities to Learn and Dance

20 Jul 2018
There has been a long-standing relationship between Music and Brain. Several studies suggest that music positively influences brain development in...
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Why Spatial Reasoning is Crucial in Early Education

17 Jul 2018
A few days back, at a Parent’s workshop, I devoted almost 20 minutes emphasizing on the significance of Spatial Reasoning in...
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How Children Benefit from Math Art

08 Jul 2018
Math and Art go a long way. Since the beginning, the two have been amalgamated to create the most beautiful...
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8 Ways to Boost your Child’s Spatial Reasoning Skills

16 May 2018
Spatial reasoning is the ability to manipulate shapes and orientate them mentally. It is the ability to understand how different shapes...
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Loose Parts Inspired Math Play for Kindergarten

29 Apr 2018
  I am great fan of Mathematics and truly believe it is one of the subjects most relevant to everyday...
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Exploring Onions – A Kitchen Science STEM Activity

23 Apr 2018
Children today greatly lack life skills. So much that there are workshops to teach the basics of life and how...
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