Earth Day Activities that make a Difference

Earth Day is round the corner and the web is overflowing with Earth Day crafts for children. While I was going through a various list of crafts and to-dos for Earth’s day, it dawned on me that we might be just doing Earth a favor by giving all paper crafts a skip and rather doing some real meaningful activities. Adopting ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle‘ and ‘NO PLASTIC‘ as our mantra, we are all set to help our planet.

Here is our list of meaningful Earth day activities that will help protect our wonderful planet:

  • DIY t-shirt Bag: Plastic is a major problem and one of top concerns for the environment. So we decided to keep a cloth bag handy in our cars so whenever we go shopping we can say NO to plastic bags. This resolution got us to make our own no-sew bags from an old t-shirt.


 Say NO to Plastic with Easy DIY t-shirt bag


  • Coconut Planters: We love planting seeds and right now the season is just right. So instead of buying a new pot, we decided to recycle a coconut shell. It’s really easy-peasy. All you need is to buy a tender coconut, relish the refreshing water (we prefer pouring it in a glass rather than using a straw) and then scrape the mouth so its big enough to fit in your fingers. Once you have done that, pour in some soil and plant that seed right in.


 Say NO to Plastic with Easy DIY t-shirt bag


  • Repurpose broken crayons: Instead of buying those double shade fancy pencils, recycle old broken crayons. What is even more exciting is that you get to customize the shape and color combinations. All you need to do is take of the cover, add the desired color combinations in silicon mold and put them in the oven for 10-15mins at 200 degree Fahrenheit. Allow them to cool and pop them out.



  • Reuse Old Art files and notebooks: We hate wasting paper. After the end of every academic session, we are left with a lot of half used drawing and craft books. Some had black pages while the other ones had work only on one side. Same goes for the notebooks. So I sat down with my son, opened the binder and asked him to do the sorting for me. I want him to learn the essence of this project. He was quite curious and like any 5year old asked why he should draw on black spaces of the paper instead of a new sheet. And that was exactly the question I was waiting for! I explained him how paper is made from trees and for new paper we need to cut more trees and that means less oxygen. Now living in a capital, my son is all too aware of the air pollution and got the point quickly.


  • Make use of the Vegetable waste: Every household generates a pile of vegetable waste daily. So instead of putting it into MCD bin, we decided to feed it to the cows. All the peels, stale breads, waste food now go into this special bin which we then take to the cow shed.