There are months that have just too many holidays and extended weekends. While they offer the necessary break form the mundane routine, they can be overwhelming for kids. If holidays translate into restless, boring days for your children and a struggle for you to keep them constructively occupied with fun STEM activities, you have come to the right place.

Games to play when bored

50 Games to Play When Bored

1. Paper Dance

Perhaps one of the best games that is enjoyed across all ages. What you need is:

  • Old Newspapers
  • Music player

Step 1: Spread the newspapers on the floor and designate these spots to your children.

Step 2: Play the music. Participants have to dance on the paper and cannot step out. Ones who do are out of the game.

Step 3: As the game progresses, keep folding the paper. The one who survives till the end is the winner.

2. Play Stone, Paper, Scissor

Also called Rock, Paper, Scissor – This classical hand game is always a great hit with kids. Engage in some competitive gaming with this fun game that is sure to vanquish boredom.

3. Race a Paper Boat

This is sure to rekindle your childhood memories. Teach your children to make paper boats and let them sail those boats in tub.

You can take it a notch further by making a long stream of foil sheet. You will need to fold the foil at the sides to make a long stream. Now let your children race their paper boats.

4. Play Dots and Boxes

Remember playing it in a boring class? Now play it with your kids. And in case you have forgotten how to play this super boredom killer game, here are the instructions:

How To Play:

The game starts with a matrix of dots. The objective is to make squares by connecting the dots. The game starts with one of the two players connecting the adjacent dots with a straight line. Take turns connecting these dots. The player who connects the fourth side to make a complete square, gets to put his initial in the square and gets another chance to make a line.

The player with the maximum initialised squares wins the game! Sounds easy? We bet it’s not so simple. It is a  great critical thinking game that will get your child (and you!) contemplating and planning.

Games to play when bored

5. DIY Bird feeder

This is an excellent craft to banish boredom for hours. Your child will probably spend 10-15minutes making it and hours watching birds feeding on her creation.

bird feeder for kids

What you need:

  • Empty toilet roll
  • Dough
  • Water
  • Assortment of grains
  • Twine

Step 1: Paste dough on the toilet roll using wet hands. Water will help stick the dough on the roll.

Step 2: Roll the layered roll onto the assortment of grains, gently pressing it so that the grains stick to the dough.

Step 3: Make holes, 1” form the top of the roll, on opposite faces. Run twine through it and tie a knot to hang it. Your bird feeder is ready!!

6. I Spy Bugs

A great game to play when bored. All you need is green patch. Let your child spot as many bugs and insects she can. Not only it serves as a great EVS lesson but can also double up as Math fun.

Catch a bug and put it in a Bug viewer for some extra fun.

I spy bugs

7. Look for 4 Leaf Clovers

This is our old favourite. What you need for this game is:

  • Green craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step 1: Draw a handful of 4 leaf and 3 leaf clovers on a green craft paper and cut them out.

Step 2: Hide them around the room and ask your child to find them all in 20 minutes or till his favorite song ends.

8. Write a postcard

A wonderful way to utilize extra time and learn to be grateful. Hand postcards to your children and allow them to write whatever they wish to family members of their choice.

They are sure to relish these postcards and keep them as memory souvenirs.

9. DIY Play Dough

All children love play dough. But what they love more is making their own play dough. You will need:

  • All purpose flour
  • Salt
  • Baby oil
  • Water

Step 1: Mix flour and salt according to 2:1 proportion.

Step 2: Add a tablespoon of baby oil into the mix and knead it with water. Play dough is ready!

10. Finger Painting

This one can never go wrong with kids. It is great for enhancing their creativity with little mess. Let them make bugs, insects, patterns out of their fingerprints.

11. DIY Wrapping Paper From Old Newspapers

What better way to keep children entertained while teaching them to recycle. All you need is:

  • Water paints
  • Straws

Step 1: Add blobs of water paints of your choice on the newspaper.

Step 2: Blow on the blobs using straw to make interesting, unique patterns.

Step 3: Let the newspaper dry. Ta-da, your very own wrapping paper is ready.

12. Draw an Illustration and Make Up a story

This is a great family game to play when bored. All you need is an Easel or a writing pad.

Games to play when bored

Draw a picture on the easel and let your children cook up a story around the picture within a minute. It is a great game to enhance their communication, imagination and oratory skills.

13. Tongue Twisters

Best boredom buster if you don’t want to play with the kids. Let them try to say a silly tongue twister and they cannot disturb you till they say it 8 times together.

14.Learn to Catch

Another game to play when bored which does not require intervention. What you need is music and a ball. Let your child throw and catch the ball till the music stops. If the ball falls, she looses.

15. Make a House of Cards

This is a classic! We all have played this one game. Let your child try to make a house of cards and learn some balancing skills.

games to play when bored

16. Learn the Yo-Yo

A simple toy like a yo-yo can be great boredom buster. Hand out a yo-yo to your little one and let her have some rolling fun!

yo yo

17. Play Clapping Games 

Clapping games are great to build concentration and coordination skills. Add some clapping games like Miss Mary, Say-say-say and the likes to add fun and laughter to boring days.

18. DIY Bookmark

Another creative way to dispel boredom! Take some craft paper, wrapping sheets lying around the house and turn them into beautiful bookmarks. Do make rocket-shaped ones to fit into your STEM books.

19. Make Lemonade

Children love to pitch in and what better way to teach them how to fix a drink for themselves. The only pitfall of this activity is that you might end up drinking lemonade 5-6times a day.

20. Play Hopscotch

What could be a better game than hopscotch. You don’t necessarily need a partner and is great for motor skills as well. You can use a dry erase marker to draw one inside the house on a rainy day.

21. Learn Jump Rope

Another classic but forgotten game. Teach your children to jump rope. It is the best physical activity ever! Plus there are just so many ways you can jump the same old rope.

22. Make a Map of Your Room

Spark your child’s spatial skills by encouraging her to draw a map of her room. Let her observe, draw and then color the map. Good to keep your child busy for an hour.

23. Engage in Thumb Battles

This is the most played game to get rid of boredom. You don’t need anything and it can be played anywhere.

Games to play when bored

24. Challenge in Arm Wrestling

Why not take thumb wrestling further by engaging in some arm wrestling? Your kid is sure to have fun with this one.

25. Build Your Flexibility With Animal Yoga

26.Paint a Rock

27. Play ‘Guess Who

Ask your child to guess the animal/fruit/vegetable by giving her clues. This one is sure to sharpen their logical and reasoning skills.

28. Fire Your Vocabulary With Word Antakshari

Replace songs with words and help your kid become a word wizard.

29. Guessing Game

This is a great boredom buster. And actually can play it anywhere…while travelling or waiting for your turn at a doctor’s appointment. It is really easy! All you need to do is draw a letter, word, or picture on your partner’s back and have them guess what you’ve drawn.

30. Snap Snap!

This is one way to keep children busy while you catch up on your cup of green tee, though not without supervision. Hand your kids a pair of child friendly scissors, a bunch of old magazines and let them cut pictures out. It is a superb motor exercise and works wonders with your child’s fine motor skills.

31. Make a Family Collage

What better way to utilise extra time than making a family collage. Not only children love to go through pictures but also love making these memory murals.

32. Blindfold Guess

This game gets kids really excited. All you need is a blindfold (a simple scarf would do) and a few fruits and spices. Now blindfold your child and let him taste different fruits and guess their names.

33. Play Dumb Charades

Dumb charades is quite a boredom buster and really popular among older kids. Take turns to enact and guess the names of popular movies or popular stories.

34. Play Freeze Dance

This one is favorite with children. An easy game to play and burn extra energy.

35. Make a Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are perfect tools for children to explore the world around them. Young children particularly like touching and feeling things to get a better grasp of their environment. Sensory bins also encourage independent and imaginary play, which is vital for young children.

Games to play when bored

36. Fix a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Nothing can be more exciting for a young child than doing grown-up things. Here is one that can be easily done without any worry of harm. Just hand over a few slices of brown bread, peanut butter (or jam) and let your little one make a peanut butter sandwich.

37. Get Bowling

Make use of the empty plastic bottles lying around the house to whip up some bowling action. You don’t necessarily need speciality sets! Set a reasonable goal and watch as boredom vanishes into thin air with this simple game.

38. Make a Picture Using Stickers

Ask your tot to make a picture using his collection of stickers instead of drawing. This boredom buster is an excellent way to get the creative juices of your child flowing besides being a hands-on motor skill practice.

39. Learn to Fold T-shirts and Napkins

It is essential to teach children life skills and give them a hands-on practise doing them. This makes them responsible and also keeps the classic phrase ‘I am bored’ away, when they know what saying that might lead to folding laundry. Jokes apart, folding laundry can be fun for kids if you give them the right equipment.

This neat tutorial of t-shirt folding board will just do the trick and of course ease the laundry folding for you( even if it is just for a day!).

40. Build a Fort With Bed Sheet

Kids simply love this and can stay nestled inside their forts for hours. It could be their go-to place or their cozy reading nook or simply a place to enact their wildest fantasies. Besides this, making their own bedsheet forts is also a hands-on lesson in engineering for kids.

 41. Learn to Draw Animals With Numbers/Alphabets

42. Write Thank You Notes

Cultivate gratitude in your children by encouraging them to write simple, heart-felt thank you notes for family members and friends. Gratitude notes help children count their blessings and appreciate what others do for them. Often these countless, small acts go un-noticed. But when you encourage children to think about their blessings and make gratitude notes, you wire them for lifelong happiness.

43. Dress Up As a Sumo Wrestler

Be a Sumo Wrestler and dress up like one by tying pillows around your tummy and putting on mommy’s tees. This is a real fun!

44. Play Dart Game

Dart games are wonderful at improving hand-eye coordination – a skill all children need to develop. Dart games can be played solo or with the entire family, either way they are pure fun!

dart game for kids

45. Make a Balance Beam

This is great activity. What you will need is Masking tape.

Step 1: Paste masking tape on the floor representing a straight line.

Step 2: Test your body balance by walking tip-toe on the tape. Notch it up by balancing a book on your head.

46. Challenge Your Fitness with ‘Keep the Balloon Afloat’ Game

Burn that extra energy children have with this simple game. All you need to do is play a song and they have to keep the balloon afloat in the air till the song stops.

47. Engage in Jenga

Jenga tiles is our all time favourite boredom buster for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is purely fun and never goes out of style. Secondly, the tiles double up as loose parts and inspire numerous child lead play. From building structures to domino effect, these tiles pack a punch.

Jenga structures

Stonehenge using Jenga

48. Strike a Cord With Carom Board

This classic game will keep your kids and family far from boredom and is perfect competitive game for family game nights. It works amazingly well for enhancing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. carrom board

49. Play Pattern Match

Sharpen your child’s auditory skills as you make a pattern of sounds with your hands (like clapping or snapping) and let your little one repeat it. Excellent for concentration and observational skills, this game can be played with kids across all ages.

50. Silly Rhyming

Play this fun, silly game to burst into giggles. The only rule is that the words should rhyme. Great for building literacy skills and enhancing vocabulary, this one is a must try!

These games are sure to hit a jackpot with your kids. Many of them can be played in groups as well. Make sure you have a healthy bowl of snacks ready to feed the empty tummies after all the fun.

Online Games for Kids

Online games are a great way to dispel boredom and keep children gleefully engaged. Most of these game-apps and online games for kids are designed in a way to work on a plethora of skills including memory, reasoning and creative skills. That makes a win-win for both parents and kids.

51. Lego Tower

A great building game for your lego crazy kid. This game allows your child to build towers, business centers and apartments where mini-figurines can live. Sounds fun? We bet it is! Suitable for kids 4years and above.Lego online game app for kids

52. Pepi Play

Got an imaginative child who loves to construct stories? Pepi Play is just the online game you need. With fantasy characters like gnomes, fairies, knights, and dragons, it will unleash creativity and imagination of your child while working on their language and vocabulary skills. This interactive game for kids is sure to delight kids.

online game app for kids

53. Mekorama

This iOS based online game for kids works on spatial reasoning and logical skills. Help a robot navigate through the maze to reach its goal. Its charming graphics and cute robot helps it earn extra points on the visual level. Suitable for kids four years and above.

Building Mazeonline game app for kids

54. EpicMem – Brain training

Designed by a neurologist, this online game for kids works on enhancing cognitive skills and working memory. It is a tweaked and better version of memory games that require you to match the pairs. Certified by educational app store, this is a good way to practise memory skills for kids above 7years of age.

memory online game app for kids


55. MentalUp

MentalUP is an award-winning brain game app for kids between 4-13 years. It works on critical thinking, cognitive skills and divergent thinking. The game app challenges kids to unique and varied problems, encouraging them to think out-of-the-box to problem solve. Perfect for kids three years and above.

brain training online game app for kids

56. Draw It

This competitive game app for kids lets children compete and make teams in a secured environment while playing this drawing game. It secretly works on problem solving and reading skills. A brilliant blend of Pictionary and Charades, this online game for kids is too much fun!

drawing online game app for kids

57. Quick, Draw

Another drawing/sketching online game for kids, this one pitches your child against Google’s Neural Networks. The challenge is to draw something, for Google to recognise, within a stipulated time. It is like playing fast paced Pictionary with Google. Very interesting!educational online game app for kids

58. Sushi Monster

Make practising math fun with this game app for kids that lets your child practise addition and multiplication skills. This game app works at building speed and accuracy and is perfect for kids 7years and above.math online game app for kids

59. Mazes & More

Guide the dot to find a way out of each increasingly complex labyrinth in this game app for kids. Excellent to build logical reasoning skills and critical thinking skills the fun way!

educational online game app for kids

60. Toontastic 3D

This wonderful creative game app for kids allows children to create and share their digital stories with their friends and family online. It comes with handy tools, which make the entire process of creating an animated short movie really easy and simple.

online game app for kids


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