• Kick start STEM based learning for kids with KidPillar STEM e-Books.
  • Hands-on experiments, crafts, activities & worksheets.
  • Assist your child to understand the real world relevance.
  • Early STEM based learning propels the kid’s academic success.
  • Aligned with CBSE and NGSS guidelines.
  • All in one resource for teachers and parents to introduce STEM schooling effortlessly.


The Kidpillar Journals are really too good and attractive! Kids will love them for sure.

Vineela Reddy

Absolutely Kid-friendly and parent friendly. Super educative and Fun-filled activities you could ever go around looking for kids.
All at one place! You rock KidPillar!

Bhawna Prajapati

A 4yr old understands and explains the same concept to others shows the simplicity and the depth of knowledge of the journal. The activities, the experiments, the text, give a clear and precise understanding of one concept. Thank you so much kidpillar team!

Chhaya Nebhnani

Love your Kits. They are really fun and easy for young children to understand. My daughters love them

Prerna, India

My son attended Curious Caterpillars’s workshops in Chandigarh. I was really apprehensive if he would stick around as he hated attending workshops and classes. And all that’s history now. Its been 2years now that he has been attending Curious Caterpillars’s workshops.

Suhas Gaur, India

The sessions are very engaging and fun. I love the way they simplify complex science and math concepts for children.

Shweta, India

Activities designed are well planned and age appropriate. Use of relatable examples and simple instructions help younger children grasp complex concepts easily. The techniques used truly motivate the students. Thank you for going an extra mile to make STEM sessions enjoyable for our students.

Anmol Arora, Piccolo – Early Learning Centre

The STEM workshops are awesome and are really hands-on. My son attends them every summers when we come to India.

Cecil, USA

Everlasting Learning Experience for Kids


Build Critical Thinking, Logical Analysis, Divergent Thinking and a sense of Wonder!!

FUN HANDS-ON Activities

Learn real science with fun, easy to do experiments and activities.


Reinforce learning through crafts


Explore topics aligned with national and global STEM curriculum

AGE – 4 to 8 years

Inculcate STEM acumen with little help

Zero-spend expriments

Find everything within the comfort of your home