Keeping children off screens is a challenge. We do not follow a zero screen policy but as much as we can, we try to limit it. That said, it is not easy to limit screen time specially on weekends. That’s where Podcasts are a great help. They are engaging, entertaining and screen-free! Podcasts are digital audio files which you can download. Think of them as an audio series delivering one episode every week.

Why Podcasts are so Great?

  • Podcasts need children to sit quietly and listen, thus working on their listening skills.

  • The no video content, Podcast keep sensory overload at bay.

  • Podcasts are an excellent resource to ignite imagination. While you hear the podcast, it is almost natural for our brain to visualize what we hear.

  • Keep children engaged without fancy devices and touchscreens.

  • As Podcasts are essentially audio series, it also helps your children build patience. They cannot do anything but wait for the next episode.

  • Podcasts cover a gamut of topics, providing great exposure to new, different ideas.

  • They are great for vocabulary building, listening and comprehension skills.

  • Podcast also greatly aid elocution and story narration skills.

Besides all the above, Podcasts also give parents some alone time to help them relax with zero guilt. We all know how guilty we feel when we put television on, just to keep children busy. Here are some of the Podcasts we have zeroed on after some extensive research:

1. Disney Story Central: You cannot go wrong with Disney and Pixar stories. They are simply great at keeping children happy. Instead of having your child watch over the same movie again, put on Podcast and let him enjoy. And yes, it has lovely music too!

Suitable for kidsaged 2 years and above.

2. Storynory: They cover stories from all over the globe thus giving your child a great exposure to cultural folk tales. There is story for each one of us here.

Apt for children 5+years

3. Gimlet Story Pirates: Looking for silly stories podcast? Search no further, Story Pirates is for you. There are silly, humorous stories to keep little ones engaged and laughing out loud.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

4. FunKids: This one offers a variety of choices and interest areas to pick from. Just find the one that intrigues your child and be addicted for good.

Age: 5+ years

5. Sparkle Stories: Fun, simple stories to listen to and enjoy while munching on popcorn, Sparkle Stories feature original content for children.

Suitable for kids 3yrs and above

6. Stories Podcast: Another great podcast for younger children, Stories Podcast feature classical stories and fairly tales.

Great for children 3years and above

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