As I set to celebrate Mother’s Day, I was overwhelmed with immense gratitude I have for my mother. All these years, I have had this wonderful, positive woman to look up to in my life. What life threw at her and how she turned everything ugly into something beautiful, amazes me.

For me, life came to a full circle when I gave birth. This is one moment in a woman’s life when everything pauses and like a true yogi in a meditative state, a newly born mother can envision her past, present and future all at once. From being the child to being a mother…it was perhaps the most sacred moment of the life.

Suddenly, without any prior thought or deliberation, I felt this immense connection with my mom. Something I cannot describe in words…it was as if we started resonating at our soul’s frequencies.

Many women experience this surreal connection after giving birth. As I lay in the recovery room, all I could think was of my mom and I remember how I pleaded with the nurse to call her. My husband was taken aback and worried if I was in pain. But that longing for my mom was not out of pain…it was a deep realization and sinking in on the fact that life has indeed come a full circle.

mothers day life comes full circle

So this day, instead of just celebrating Mother’s Day with your child, cherish your mother and try to express your love and gratitude for her. Here are a few ways to show you really care:

Plan a Visit: Visit your Mom and make it special for her. No gift can replace your presence on Mother’s day. And if you can’t visit, make that special video call to thank her for all she did and continues to do even now.

Arrange a Surprise Dinner: Being a mom ourselves now, we know how much a surprise from children can mean to us. So go ahead and plan a surprise dinner/lunch for your mom. While she has been making your favourite food all these years, cook something special or her favorite meal. If you are in a different city, plan a cozy candle lit dinner for your mom. Internet and mobile reservations have made it all too easy.

Memory Collage: Few things covey emotions as well as pictures do. Make a print or a digital collage for your mom and live through your old memories.

Plan a Mother-Daughter Trip: Getting one-on-one time with your mom becomes difficult after you have a baby of your won. While we enjoy our children, our mothers miss us as we get busy with new and bigger responsibilities. Recall how they used to be our center of gravity before we stated with our own life? While they never say a word, I am sure our mothers miss us. Perhaps, spending one-on-one time is the best gift you can give your mom. Be it a dinner date or a short weekend trip, do it. It is going to be cherished forever.

Pen a Poem: You don’t need to be an author for this. Just pen down your deepest thoughts and give your love and gratitude words. Mothers don’t need anything more than kind words of love and appreciation.

Gift her something she always wanted but was too stingy for herself: We all know this too well. How we splurge on our kids and take care of their needs while sidelining ours. All mothers and fathers are guilty of that. Take this day as an opportunity to gift that watch or bag your mom has been eyeing but is too stingy to buy for herself.

mothers day life comes full circle

Finally, give her a BIG warm bear hug. It is because of her you are what you are today. Pause and think of how many sacrifices you make each day for your child. How you gave up your freedom, your life for this little child you hold in your arms. Your mother did the same and perhaps a lot more for you. This Mother’s day before you expect to be appreciated and loved, shower your love and appreciation for your mom. That’s when life will come to a full circle.


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