Guide to Happy and Successful Kids

30 May 2020
Off late, I have been wondering how to raise a child well. With plethora of advice available, it gets quite confusing. No...
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Secondary & Dry Drowning – What Every Parent must Know

07 Oct 2019
Ever came across the term ‘Dry Drowning’ or ‘Secondary Drowning’? Well, I was blissfully ignorant till the time my child...
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10 Things Parents should Never Say to their Kids

19 Jul 2018
Parenting needs to be a vigilant process, as it involves plethora of emotions…some good and some not so good. And...
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What Parents can do to Raise Successful Kids

18 Jul 2018
Raising children is no easy task. Now add happy and successful in the equation. What you land up with is...
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30 Ways to be a more Fun, Playful Parent

07 Jul 2018
It is hard to be a Fun Parent. It was only yesterday when my son was cajoling me to get...
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How to get your Child do Chores

20 Jun 2018
We all the importance of chores and how children who contribute grow up into well-adjusted adults. But with many of...
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How to be a Happy Mommy

09 Jun 2018
Happiness is a strange thing. The more you chase it, more it eludes you. More than anything, it is an...
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When your Only Child wants a Sibling

08 Jun 2018
So my son popped me this question when a relative had a baby “Mom, I also want a baby”. Initially...
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8 Ways to Calm an Angry Child

25 May 2018
Little children often have BIG feelings. And that’s when they get overwhelmed and we adults take it for misbehaviour and...
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Skills Children need for Future and How to Nurture..

21 May 2018
As I browse through the newspaper, my heart sinks at the prospect of what the future holds for our children....
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Raising Confident Kids without Over Praise

14 May 2018
Confidence and high self-worth are the greatest gifts any parents can give their children. And yet, there are few children...
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4 Reasons Why Children flourish with Gentle Parenting

03 May 2018
  While we were growing up, our relationship with our parents was that of an adult and a child. The...
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Parenting a Child who Hits Positively

02 May 2018
I clearly remember the first time my child really hit me. And when I tried to control him, I not...
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Second Child Dilemma – To have or Not to have

28 Apr 2018
  Every time I see a 2year old something, I feel like grabbing her . Off late, that’s been the...
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Keeping Girls Safe: Raising Our Girls to be Kali in Modern India

22 Apr 2018
Perhaps India is the only country with women goddesses. And that’s exactly what makes it bewildering! You see while we...
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8 Weekend Videos that Teach Kids Valuable Life Lessons

21 Apr 2018
Let’s admit all children love watching television. While we try to maintain a zero screen time policy during the week,...
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Teach your Kid ‘No Plastic’ with this t-shirt bag

20 Apr 2018
Off late, we have been really mindful about our impact on the environment. With the rising pollution levels, our duty...
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Gender and Body Awareness: What your child needs to know

17 Apr 2018
Yesterday, I got a call from a mother who wanted to discuss how to introduce gender and body awareness to...
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