Life Sciences Botany Bundle

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  • Investigate Parts of Plants and understand what is Plant Life Cycle.
  • Learn about the functions of different parts of plant, root systems and how they work together to keep plants alive.
  • Understand why and how plants are grouped into different plant types.
  • Delve through the various stages of plant life cycle, starting from seed and ultimately to death.
  • Probe conditions necessary to grow plants and how seedless plants grow.
  • STEM Activities
  • Crafts
  • Worksheets
  • Age: 4+ yrs
  • NGSS/NCERT Aligned
  • These are e-Books (pdf) with instant download.


This Botany bundle delves into the amazing world of plants. Explore Parts of Plant and Plant Life Cycle in an intriguing, hands-on, child friendly manner to enable deep understanding of natural environment. Packed with knowledge, activities, crafts and worksheets, this bundle will lay strong foundation for advanced concepts of Plant Life Sciences in later years.




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