Best Science Activities for Kids

07 Oct 2019
Wondering how to keep your children busy without overspending on toys or organizing play dates? Worry not! Here is our...
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Gross Motor Skills and Why do they Matter?

07 Oct 2019
Over the past few years, there have been numerous reports about urging parents to take their children outdoors. On an...
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7 Ways to Spark Lifelong Love for Math

15 Apr 2019
As a STEM educator, I meet lot of children who are brilliant but a very few who are keen on...
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Teaching Children to Be Kind: Why it Matters and How to nurture it

27 Sep 2018
Parents are entrusted with immense responsibility of raising well-adjusted children. Children, who grow up to be assets to the society...
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Community Helpers – Practical Life Activities for Kids

24 Sep 2018
Human beings are social animals. You and I, along with many others, live in a society. A community, where we...
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Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with Kids

13 Sep 2018
Contents Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations Across Different States Crafts For Ganesh Chaturthi for Kids Ganesha Books for Children   Ganesh Chaturthi...
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50 Best Games to Play When Bored

12 Sep 2018
There are months that have just too many holidays and extended weekends. While they offer the necessary break form the...
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9 Activities to do with your Children this Independence Day

14 Aug 2018
Today, India celebrates its 72ndIndependence Day. It is for this day our ancestors shed their blood and laid their lives....
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Children and Their Lies – Everything you need to Know and Do

12 Jul 2018
Children lie for a variety of reasons. As they grow, children realise how they can get around by telling few...
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9 Brain Activities to Fire up your Child’s Grey Cells

09 Jul 2018
Children are like a sponge in their early years. In the first 2000 days of their lives, they learn more...
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How Children Benefit from Math Art

08 Jul 2018
Math and Art go a long way. Since the beginning, the two have been amalgamated to create the most beautiful...
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10 Fun ways to Stop Summer Learning Loss

04 Jun 2018
Summer Breaks are most awaited time of the year. With most children, summer spells as ‘FUN’. While this much needed...
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14 ways to Stress-Free Summer Break

01 Jun 2018
Summer break is here! That’s what the children have been waiting for. But for moms the story is quite different!...
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8 Ways to Boost your Child’s Spatial Reasoning Skills

16 May 2018
Spatial reasoning is the ability to manipulate shapes and orientate them mentally. It is the ability to understand how different shapes...
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Kindergarten Fine Motor Skills Decline and 10 activities to get them back!

25 Apr 2018
  Off late media has been abuzz with the news of how fine motor skills have drastically declined in children....
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